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Gary Chang (he/him)

Board Member

Hi! My name is Gary Chang. I am currently a full-time university student majoring in Accounting at the University of Toronto. I have lived in Scarborough, Ontario for the majority of my life and am excited about giving back to the community that helped raise me.

I found this opportunity on Volunteer Toronto as a Food Drive Supervisor. My original motivations were nothing more than to gain some experience and to make more productive use of my time. I realized that if I do not step out of my comfort zone, I could never be the person I wanted to be.

Gradually, I began to enjoy my role at RSFDF; working with other volunteers and students, many of which have been with RSFDF for years. I wondered why someone would be dedicated enough to stay well beyond their required 40 hours to graduate.

The answer was right in front of me as I realized the scope of impact that RSFDF made for both students and individuals in need. Volunteering without compensation does not mean that the work done is meaningless. A simple pack of pasta may be nothing, even left to expire for some, but for others; it brings much-needed food on the table for their family.

Although RSFDF is by no means a well-known nor large-scale charity, its impact on less- fortunate individuals is very much the opposite.

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