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Volunteer during COVID-19

Rising Sun Food Drive Foundation takes safety seriously. Please review the volunteer etiquette and procedures we have put in place for everyone's safety:


  1. Volunteers are instructed to only pick up food donations left outside the doors. There will be no door-knocking at any homes where donations were not left outside.

  2. Volunteers must bring their own masks and maintain a safe physical distance from one another.

  3. Snacks will be provided at the end of every shift. However, volunteers are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and snacks, especially if they have any dietary restrictions.  

  4. Washroom facilities are very limited and will only be available on an emergency basis.

  5. Cell phone use for student volunteers is strictly prohibited while on shift. That includes listening to music, talking and texting. In case of an emergency, volunteers must inform their supervisors immediately. 

  6. All volunteers must arrive on time for their shift. It will be difficult for latecomers to locate their groups once the groups disperse for canvassing and flyer distribution, and they will have missed all orientation and training instructions.

  7. Volunteers will adhere to all procedures and follow supervisors' instructions at all times. 

  8. Orientation and training will be provided on-site at the beginning of every shift.

  9. Volunteers don't need to sign up for a shift in advance. Simply show up on the day you're available, to the designated meeting location, on time and ready to go. It's a good idea to arrive a few minutes before start time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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